“I’m a real guy, with real expectations, for real people.”

– Dane Williams

Alter Keto 101

Are you thinking keto? Then why not work with a certified keto expert to make your journey a success. With Alter Keto leading the way you can take all the abundant and very confusing internet information out of the equation and stick to a program backed by results. I work with any individual interested in the keto way of life offering support to those looking to lose weight, body build and shred or perhaps manage specific metabolic issues.

Alter Keto specializes in transgender transitions done without the use of hormones mainly utilizing strength training and diet as a means of body conversion.

You are not here to make others understand you. You are here to understand yourself.

– Kristen Butler

Consulting with Alter Keto

Who I am, and why I want to help you find your authentic self.

I am a fully certified Ketogenic Consultant and Transition Specialist, encouraging transitions fueled by fat. Although the journey that I went through wasn’t easy, I reside in a place of gratitude, feeling blessed that I get to share my life with you, and hope to inspire the many others who are having a hard time figuring out who they really are.

You don’t need anyone else’s approval to be who you want to be. Work on yourself and be a blessing to others. As long as you live by the values that you believe in, you will never go wrong.

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